Adopt a  Teddy Bear  

Adopt a  Bear from Wynghorran Castle. Each bear comes with some history so that you know a little about your bear when you get him/her.  You can select your bear from this page.  We would ask you to make a donation towards the management of the Adoption. We are always getting new bears that need new homes, so please keep looking if there is not yet a bear that would be suitable for you to look after. Our bear sizes are measured sitting unless it states otherwise. (This is easier for the bears, as they do sit and contemplate for hours at a time!)

Adoption Procedure

  1. Select a bear and email us with your request giving the  bear's name. You will have to consent  that you will look after,  protect, love and be a good bear owner.
  2. Go to the payment page and make your donation.   



Ginger is a soft bear with a real rascal look in his bright black eyes - 11 inches of trouble, this bear has been around. He is well traveled and wants to continue to visit many lands. Can you help him do this?  

     I am pleased to say that on 21st November Ginger was adopted by Alexandra, a lovely little girl who has welcomed him into her family.  Ginger was very excited to be going somewhere new, thank you Alexandra. signed Winkington 3rd.



 Lenny is a little fella (7 inches) with movable arms and legs. Lenny was a gift to Mr Smith from his daughter and sat on daddy's desk when he was at work to remind him of his daughter.  Mr Smith has retired and has asked us to find Lenny a new home so he can help someone else. 



Polo, a Ralph Lauren Bear. Polo has movable legs and a woolly jumper  to keep him warm on his travels. Polo stands 14 inches high when his bear feet are firmly on the ground. A good looking bear and he knows it, he would prefer not to live with babies, as they might dribble over him!!



Charles (7inches) comes from a long distinguished family.  He has a pedigree that includes Lords and Princes. He is a bit of a toff and will only agree to be adopted by someone who recognises that he is grander than they are. He won't share with other bears because he thinks they are inferior. (Please help he is driving us nuts!!)



Barclay is a happy 7 inch bear used to living with other bears and pets. He likes a busy house with children that he can play with.   Barclay particularly likes karaoke and is not known to go to bed early. Originally from Scotland his party piece is singing,   "you take the high road" (He needs help with this!!)



Rachel is one of our special care bears. She is also 7 inches.  When she was born we could see her eyes were too close together. This means she has trouble seeing and has a tendency to bump into things.  Rachel is easily startled as she cannot see you coming if you approach from the side!!. She needs an understanding owner with lots of patience to care and protect her.

    I am delighted to say that Rachel was adopted by Jasmine on 21st November.  Jasmine is taking the responsibility of caring for our special bear very seriously.  Rachel was a bit nervous but very happy to be going to her lovely new home with such a kind little girl.  Thank you Jasmine. signed Winkington 3rd.



Twins.  Ollie 6 inch and Ellie 5 inch  need a home together.  We believe they are 5 bear years old and definitely need some TLC. They were found in a drawer after being abandoned by their owner who moved on to computer games and didn't play or care for them anymore.  Ellie is timid and shy and her brother Ollie has always tried to take care of her.




 Scruff is an orphan (5"). We found him on the doorstep one cold morning. He desperately wants to be adopted and to find a loving owner to give him lots of cuddles. We think he has been born many times but would like to find a final home where he can retire and have a much needed  rest .

We are all very pleased to tell you that Scruff has been adopted by a lovely lady Kerry who has the time to give him lots of cuddles and listen to his many adventures.  Scruff feels very safe and secure in his new home as it is a flat on the 1st floor - he does have an aversion to doorsteps!!  Kerry also has a beautiful beige chinchilla who is company for Scruff at night. Kerry tells us she has heard them laughing and talking together when they think she is asleep.            Thank you Kerry signed Winkington 3rd





Curley Ken (10 inch) has moveable arms and legs. Ken is an old trooper who has fought in many wars and this has left him with a right leg that turns inwards. He needs a retirement home with an owner prepared to listen to all his war stories (PS he does exaggerate!!).





Rambling Ron (8 inch) Ron is an adventurous bear as his name suggests.  He wandered off and was found going round and round on the circle line tube in London. He would now like a quieter life with  a little adventure now & again. Adopt him only if you are prepared to take him with you on holidays.


  We found Eddie the Explorer in a bush in the front garden two days ago.  He was wet from the early morning dew but told us that was a real treat as he had come direct from the hot desert sun. His safari jacket (a bit tatty round the edges now) has lots of pockets for his maps and his pair of binoculars is an essential part of his kit.  Standing at only 9 inches tall he would now prefer a quiet retirement home where he can sit and watch the sun go down everyday, preferably while sipping a honey liqueur  and retelling some of his adventures to like-minded companions.