Wynghorran Castle is the Teddy Bear Sanctuary  


Wynghorran Castle opens the great doors of the castle to bears that need a new home. All bears stay for at least three months. This time is needed for them to rest and recuperate from all their bear duties. It also gives them time to tell us of their adventures and all the excitment and fun they might have enjoyed. Sometimes their stories are sad and then the other bears give them lots of hugs. While staying with us the bears live in their own wing of the castle. The Trusted Bears look after them. Special diets can be catered for and if they have any injuries these are treated as best as possible by Duggrowsar.

The adoption bears enjoy their holiday at the castle. They can swim, fish, relax in the jacuzzi and go for long rambles along the river or down by the sea. Many bears just enjoy sitting in the library and reading the history of Bear World. Often a group can be found listen to Aiggrowgar's famous stories. The sun is always warm and our many bees produce honey for when the bears have their picnics in the woods. 

Some of the younger bears, especially if it is their first time at Wynghorran are fascinated by Rugle the Dreaded Dragon. While he lays curled around his rock on the beach, the bears play 'dare' games, seeing who will creep nearest to him before he opens one large eye and they tumble away giggling. Be assured your bear will enjoy time spent at the castle.

If you have a bear that you would like to send to Wynghorran Castle for adoption by a bear lover, then send him/her to us. We will make sure your bear goes to a good home where s/he can be born again and can continue with all the bear duties.

E-mail us with details or a picture of the bear that needs to be adopted. We will then send you the address for posting your bear. When you post bear please enclose some history about him/her so that we know what type of home is needed. What adventures has s/he had?  What is their personality? Are they used to being with other bears/pets/people?  Thank you for helping.