Winkington Bear G.M.

Can you trust your teddy bear?  Yes! I believe you can, that is why I hope that you will trust and want to follow my thoughts & comments.

This blog is for anyone - young or grown -who owns a teddy bear 



My name is Winkington the 3rd.  I have the esteem honour to be the Grand Master of Bear World and I live at Wynghorran Castle with my Senior Bears. With this honour comes all the power and responsibility endowed to the Grand Master.  My task is to look after all bears everywhere and to make sure we all uphold the laws and duties entrusted to us.


 I am able to see all bears all over the world to share their pain, to understand their hurt, to know their love, to enjoy their pleasure and to help them fulfil their duties. This power was given me, passed down by previous Grand Masters.

My home is Wynghorran Castle, built a thousand or more  years ago on Wynghorran Island. I have been the Grand Master for more time than I can remember.  I am the guardian of all Teddy Bears. I watch and keep the secrets of the Library and the Spell Room. I am protector of our world, our home and our way of life.

My team of honourable Trusted Bears help me guard the secrets of the castle, so be aware when you wander our corridors.  So long as you are of good spirit and honest intention you travel safely.

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