Updated news from the Castle.

2017 has started as busy as 2016 finished.  December and January are the busiest months for our Adoption bears.  As you can imagine many of our bears are going to new owners for Christmas and there is always great excitement when the bears discover which country they will be going to and who their owner will be.  As much as the bears love being here and enjoy their recuperation time at Wynghorran their main desire is to fulfil their bear duties and help their owners.

December is also a sad month for many of our bears in man-world as some owners feel that they have outgrown their faithful companions or can no longer keep them. These bears  come back to us for a much needed rest and to catch up with old friends.  We have a big party the second week in December to say goodbye to the bears leaving us and to welcome our new arrivals.  The kitchen is extremely busy at this time, fresh porridge is cooked all day long, honey cakes are made in batches of 5 score every hourling and mead is brought up in barrels from the cellars.

I hope you all have a wonderful year and if you received a bear for christmas don't forget to tell your bear how much you love him/her for it is only then that they can begin their bear duties.  That as you know involves William our spell bear.  January and February are very busy months for him and Beggrowgar, but I will tell you about that next month.

Bear hugs and felicitations to you all

Winkington the 3rd