Lord High Bear: Keeper of Spells




Bear William - the Lord High Bear -  is very wise. He has been looking after bear Spells for  immeasurable years. He has been out in the worlds many times. He has traveled the universe and consulted with the wisest in all creations.  He is the most scholarly of the bears at the castle and is usually found in his beloved library, cataloging, classifying and arranging the uncountable books on bear knowledge and duties. His eyes sparkle as he reads and his paws, delicate and swift, turn the pages silently.  Although the library smells of warm sunshine and honey popcorn, William himself has the aroma of parchment, sand and just a hint of bamboo.

Bear William  has earned the love and respect of all bears and they approach him with ease. They look up to him in mind but in reality many bears gaze down upon his learned face as he is a small lilac bear with a bright smile and a lilac gossamer scarf.