Wynghorran Castle Military Adviser


Major General Montgomery Bear (Bearmont)  
The task of Bearmont is to be aware of any risks that might threaten the security of the castle, this is a full time job. He has regular consultative meetings with the Grand Master and the Lord High Bear.  Bearmont has lived many lives and over space and time has lead legions of Trusted Bears to many victories.
Deep in the night when the moon casts its soft, silver light, Bearmont walks the long silent corridors of Wynghorran.  Alert, bright-eyed, fur fluffed to catch any soft movement of air that might speak of intruders, Bearmont protects the castle and all its inhabitants.  Day-time hours finds the Major planning campaigns and regaling visitors with his many tales of battle. If you meet him on your visit be prepared to sit and be enthralled as he acts out his heroic deeds for you.