The Trusted Bears help with all the activites around the Castle. There are five of them to introduce to you. 


 The oldest Trusted Bear has been at the castle for over 700 years.  He has the burden and great privilege of being the Grand Master's Designate. He has fought in the battles of all the elements and was a major figure in the Battle of Light.  Aiggrowgar looks fierce as he has a patch covering one eye and a long scar on his chest. He carries a laser wound on his left leg which gives him a slight limp. His appearance belies his personality for he is also the funniest of the Trusted Bears and has an enormous capacity for practical jokes. His belly rumbling laughs frequently echo throughout the castle, swooshing along corridors, up stairs and exiting via windows. Get caught in one of these laughs and as a mere mortal you will be tumbled along unless you can find, grab and hold onto one of the anti-guffaw bars that have been bolted along the walls. Aiggrowgar has been known to waken Rugle the Dreaded  Dragon in his cave far below the castle with these thunderous, vibrating chortles. 


Beggrowgar - The Lord High Bear's Designate. 

Beggrowgar started working with William when the library was built, but still empty of the many books, scrolls and spells that needed to be catalogued, arranged and displayed in the grand surroundings of the vast chamber that has become the library.  Beggrowgar first entered the world of books in Persia working alongside a royal trader.  The velvet-furred bear's love of books deepened and developed over  long periods of time and he has come to learn the immense value and joy of accumulating information just for its own sake.  



Coggrowgar - is a seafaring bear who came to live at the castle following the battles with the Turks after being trapped on the Island of Malta. Coggrowgar was the bear to one of the Knights Templar. He is a sea captain having traveled from old England to the Crusades in far away lands. He is also an accomplished horsebear having rode to battle with his knight. Coggrowgar sustained a terrible wound across his leg in a battle with Saladin and was only treated by a ship's sail maker some time later. Today he walks with a limp. When walking with Aiggrowgar they often compete to see  who limps the best.   Mostly, however, Coggrowgar walks tall and his manner is a style as though marching to the drum beat of war. When he is telling tales to the younger bears his heart aches a little with a yearning for the sea and battle action. He complains that it is disrespectful to be called Salty by the young bears, but as his fellow Trusted Bears know he enjoys the familiarity of being associated with his sailing times and loves to be asked to demonstrate the hornpipe.




Duggrowsar spent her early years in ancient China in the 3rd century  and is a herbalist.  She works tirelessly in her herb garden growing and blending the herbs and spices she needs to administer to the teddies at the castle. Sometimes one or two of the adoption bears shows an interest in her work and then she will impart receipies to the teddies and make spice cakes with them in the great kitchen so that they can share them with their friends.



Eaggrowgar is a scientist and a musician. He plays the cello and gives concerts for the adoption bears. His composing skills are recognised throughout Bear World. He is an inventor and played a crucial role in the Battle of Light designing the reflector umbrellas.