How Bears are Born

 When a bear is picked up by his owner, cuddled, squeezed and told "you're my bear I love you", they are the magic words and your bear is born. Bears can be born many times as new owners take over. It may be family or strangers it matters not. Some bears are born many times in a short period, others stay for the owner's life-time from childhood to old age.  Some bears, although living with an owner are never born, because the magic words have not been spoken to them. This is a sad time for a bear as he cannot help his owner or carry out all his duties.

 When a bear is born it is then the bear's duty to help and support their new owner. Some need to make many different demands on the powers of their teddy-bear.  Other owners might just want to whisper in  teddy's ear or talk openly; to cuddle and snuggle; or just to pick up and say good night when bed-time comes round. Bear is there, always warm, always awake and always ready to help. The reason bear is re-born is so that bear becomes committed to the new owner. Teddy is not a pass-on like an old toy.  Sometimes this will be the first bear an owner has ever had. This is a great responsibility as there is something magical about a first bear as most adults will testify.