Rugle the Dreaded Dragon lives in a cave under the castle that leads to the sea




Rugle the Dreaded Dragon  has lived by the sea since time  immemorial. Originally his small cave was warm but damp and dark. He is the last of his line and the lonliness bowed his head and weighed heavily on his wings.

Rugle loves the large hump-shaped rock that juts from the fore-shore, as if a giant hand had pushed it into the sand and then abandoned it. He curls up around the rock resting his long neck on the curving top and gazes at the ever-changing sea.  His scales lift for the warming rays of sun to enter deep into his body. This is the fuel for his fire.

The magic time arrived when Rugle, in his usual place refueling, saw on the far distant horizon a small dark speck.  His long neck snaked upwards, his long eyelashes half closing sheltered his eyes for a better view. He watched transfixed as the dark speck grew ever larger, ever forwards, tacking across the sea. The speck morphed into a shape with sails thrust upwards, billowing red harnessing the wind. When just two leagues distant Rugle, now standing on his heavy 4m hind-legs, could see a bear before the sail. Rugle's metre length ears uncurled to catch on the wind the cry -

   "20 degrees N by N.W my salties."

The boat sailed into Rugle's small golden bay. This was his introduction to Bear World.