The Library  / Magic Spell Room




All bear spells are kept in a special part of the library. Spells that have been passed down over many centuries are guarded by the Lord High Bear: William, who is second in command to the Grand Master.  William protects the spells and no other bear  is able to access the spell books.  His magic is very strong and any intruder would be turned into everlasting dust that would be cast out through the tiny cracks in the castle walls and float throughout the universe for eternity. 

Spells are needed by teddy bear owners who want to bring goodness into their lives. Sometimes they want to help a special person or sometimes they want to share happiness with everyone. Sometimes they just want cheering up when they are sad or frightened.  All the magic spells in Wynghorran castle are spells for good. 

The libary/spell room has a smell of warm sunshine and honey popcorn.

All bears that are loved know when their humans need help. The bears will call to the Grand Master who can always hear and see them, wherever they are kept.  The  Grand Master will watch and then tell the Lord High Bear to choose a spell that will help. The spells are sent to the teddy bears to help them in their bear duties.

Choosing a spell is a very solomn, important occasion. William will summon Beggrowgar one of the Trusted Bears to help. He must know the right order of all the rituals to be carried out or the spell will not work. Trusted Bears have worked in the castle for eons of time and have been loved and born many times.

William opens the special part of the library with the Great Key.  The key is kept around his waist on a gossamer chain woven from a spider's silken thread. It is very strong. Beggrowgar stands silently in line while the Lord High Bear walks up and down the rows of books. He walks slowly, searching, reading the ancient titles. There are many rows of books and sometimes he walks back and forth, chanting the magic words that only he knows, for many hours. He stops - one book begins to shine, a rainbow cascades from the book to William's paw. He then knows this is the book he will need today. Beggrowgar carefully takes the book from the shelf and places it on the crystal table. The secret ritual for choosing the specific spell then begins.